The Seven Ages of Dylan | An Academic Conference | University of Bristol | 24 May 2011



The organisers would like to thank:

Jonathan McFadyen and Edwina Thorn (University of Bristol) for their early guidance; Sam Barlow (BIRTHA Administrator) and Conny Lippert (BIRTHA Assistant Administrator)  for their can-do approach to administration and their wealth of institutional knowledge; Derek Offord (BIRTHA Chair) and the BIRTHA funding committee for their substantial financial backing; Pam King (Head of Subject, English) for her encouragement and goodwill; Cheryl Slater (PACE) for her persistence and organisational expertise -- without her the public face of this event would have remained hidden; John Lee (Senior Lecturer, English) for his advice on publicity; Jerry Schatzberg for allowing us to use his iconic "Thumb and Eye" image of Dylan; Kirsty Cunningham for co-ordinating the charitable collection for Crisis; Sam Wallace (PRS for Music) for arranging music and video permissions; the speakers: Michael Gray, David Boucher, Richard Brown, Neil Corcoran, Aidan Day, Mark Ford, Lavinia Greenlaw, Philip Horne, Katherine Peddie and David Punter for their enthusiasm and intellectual generosity; and Reza Taher and Simone Bovair for their friendship and operational assistance.

Image Credits

  • Site banner photograph, "Thumb and Eye: Bob Dylan from 1965-67," courtesy of Mr. Jerry Schatzberg.
  • Lead picture, programme page, "Gray book," permission granted by Michael Gray.
  • All academic profile pictures have been personally approved by those featured.
  • Dust-jacket permissions on the Welcome Page have been provided by the authors.




Supported by the Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts (BIRTHA)
with the Department of English and the Office for Public Events